Join us in celebrating the first year anniversary of our shared blog.  We have 8 contributors in the rotation cycle, and 1 guest blogger.  If you have been following us all year, you know that we started with 5, and then added 4 more at the 6 month mark.  It has been a process of growth for each of us.  We deliberately chose not to theme the blog around a single topic, allowing us to write about what is up for us in the moment.  You have been at our side as we experienced how life has moved forward.  There have been wins, struggles, physical challenges, insights, changes of mind and changes of location.  All of the contributions have been done with the intent of authentic sharing with the world.

Below is a brief update on how we have all moved forward over the course of the last year.

Again, please join us in our celebration.  And if you have any requests for topics for us to discuss, please let us know.

Ashara Morris – Harmony’s Heart Coaching

I started blogging on Women Move It Forward six months ago. Since I started, I’ve retired from my day job, and am moving forward nicely with my life’s work, that of connecting people on a deeper level with their pets, and as a natural outgrowth of that, with themselves. This work is so much fun, and so satisfying. Smiling people, happy pets, life is good!

Barbara Broxterman – Wayfinding with Horses

Finding Your Way – from the Inside Out, became my mantra this past year. As a life coach, the horses and I help others find their way by encouraging them to trust their own inner compass. This past year I shared my progress as I too searched for my bearing to increase connection with others.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to blog with such a diverse group of women, young and old, who share their stories. This “blogging” opportunity has opened my eyes and heart. Little did I know that to be part of and listen to each unique personal journey, passion or fear would help me heal or at least lessen the impact of my own trials. I am in awe at the natural healing power of community and plan to continue blogging as a form of reaching out to my sisters. My hope is that they too feel lifted and supported by this female bond of wisdom, strength and courage.

BB Harding – A Horse and a Wizard

In the last year I have settled even more into the next leg of life’s journey and begun coaching around finding and living one’s purpose.  One of the unique things about the primary method that I use is that it is centered on working with one’s own Inner Wisdom and creating dialog that can be used for the remainder of life’s journey.  I have also graduated to the ranks of an international coach.  My goal for the next year is to work towards taking the purpose activities into small businesses who are looking to be more mindful and socially conscious.  This will incorporate team-building with the horses which excites me to no end.

Carroll Ellis – Hoofprints to the Soul

Life changes were huge for me this last year. I have moved forward in every area of my life. I downsized  by moving homes, I left the stressful job and started perusing my bliss. I faced personal growth head on by galloping up the Andes Mountains in Peru. I became healthier and stronger by loving myself. I gained clarity on my spiritual needs. And I am truly grateful for my co-authors and this forum in which to express and document the many lessons I have personally learned. This blog has helped me heal and move forward. I truly hope it has brought insight to others and helped them confidently move forward on their own exciting adventures through life.

Emily Glidden – The Feeling Rider

Over the last six months as a blogger, I have traveled more days than I’ve been at my home in Charlottesville, Virginia. In my travels, I’ve been through many shifts personally, grown professionally and expanded my business. I’ve stepped fully into my work as a coach and teacher, with three distinct services in support of the horse-human relationship. The next 3-6 months will be geared towards refining and communicating my essential core messages, whilst finalizing plans for a cross-country move.

Jocelyn Hastie –

The last year has gone by in a blur.  One year ago, I was still on a liquid diet with very limited salivary function and an impaired sense of taste – lingering effects of cancer treatment.  I tired very easily, cried easily and was very much in a healing and recovery mode.  Things are continually improving, and I am now capable of eating a much more varied diet and have much more energy as a result.  In April, I led an incredible horseback riding trip to the Andes mountains of Peru.  On that trip, I learned that my physical improvement is further ahead than I realized, but that I am much more sensitive emotionally than I used to be.  I have learned just to “sit in my feelings” and let them wash over me while I process them.  My authenticity is sometimes painful, but necessary for my continued healing.  The horses (and horse people) around me have continued to support me in my healing.  I am indeed fortunate to have such a supportive environment to continue on my road to recovery.  This shared blog has provided an outlet for me to tell my story, and I have found inspiration in the wise words of my fellow contributors.

Lorrin Maughan – Shamwari Coaching

Always moving forward – or at least moving! My sweet Boss Cat, Sushi, left the planet late last year, signaling a close to my time in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM. Since then I have moved to the plains (Wichita, KS) to be closer to my brother and his children while my sister in law is deployed on military service in Kuwait. Jasper, my Magical Orange Cat, has a new initiate called Morris, and all have adjusted harmoniously to the change in family dynamics thanks to some animal communication, Reiki and strong intentions. In my coaching business, I continue to focus on my mission of helping animal advocates build a more compassionate and just world, starting with themselves, in partnership with my horses.

Michelle Sidun – Through the Horse

Many who know me and follow me on Facebook often reference my constant movement. Yes, I am always doing something – and it’s almost always something that is truly meaningful to me! From clearing my property with my new Kubota skid loader, having surgery to remove skin cancer, doing my first EGC workshop, to building a spiral garden, I’ve learned how to filter out most of the things that do not serve me because there just isn’t room for them! Blogging has been a part of that personal growth and journey. I love being a part of this blogging project and I’ve gotten something from each author and each blog. Life is constantly shifting and changing and my wish is that our blog touches you when you need it most.

Paula Karen – Hawkflight Coaching

I am 6 months into my 60th year and 6 months a blogger.  Am I Moving Forward?  I have felt myself more in a “holding pattern.”  Am I holding on the runway of life waiting to take off?  Or, am I in a holding pattern before landing back on earth?  Spirit whispers to me that a divinely inspired change is about to unfold in my life. I will have new freedom, live my truth, stay in a positive state of love and co-create positive change and blessings.  Are these internal shifts- or will they all shortly manifest in my life?  I have let go of much of the old.  I am welcoming new beginnings. I am a woman in transition! Aho!