It’s ironic that the bigger our dreams, sometimes the greater the inertia that smothers us, keeping those dreams from becoming reality. Ah, that old friend Overwhelm! It is the nemesis of every idealist, showing up hot on the heels of a Big Dream, and bringing its friends Depression and Apathy along for the ride.

You know how cuckoos will lay their egg in another bird’s nest, and as the cuckoo baby grows, he takes over the nest and all the food meant for the original inhabitants? Well tInstagramCapture_3fc86329-6d7c-4e52-be97-ed4a217a8ee7hat’s what Depression and Apathy do to your brain. It doesn’t take long before they suck you into a quagmire of inertia, and before you know it, those dreams you had seem completely unattainable. Nasty spirals ensue.

But there is an Antidote to their paralyzing poison! It’s called ACTION, and it is powerful beyond measure. The best bit? You can implement it in little steps – even the teeniest tip toe is effective, as long as you take another one… and another one.

“You can make radical changes in minute steps… If you can’t take a huge step, take as big a step as you can, but take it now.” ~Zig Ziglar

Usually after a few little steps, the energy starts to shift and, with it, your mood and your motivation.  Before you know it, you’re walking again and maybe even breaking into a trot here or there… How about a canter? Hey, now you’re galloping towards your goals and nobody’s going to stop you!  InstagramCapture_a826ce98-2993-4a05-85eb-5f12bf89ef5a

If you need a little push to take that teeny first step, ask for help! Call a friend,  have an accountability buddy, hire a coach. Have someone take the step with you. Celebrate each one – every action counts! It might only be getting off the couch and taking a shower, but it’s POSITIVE, FORWARD ACTION!  It may be making one call for your business, but it’s POSITIVE, FORWARD ACTION! As the famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, says, “If you can’t take a huge step, take as big a step as you can, but TAKE IT NOW.”

What’s your minute step towards radical change going to be? Share with us so we can celebrate with you every step of the way!