There is nothing like a move to evaluate one’s change in perceptions and what will the future be like.  After 16 years in one place (4 times as long as any other place I have ever lived), I had a lot of opportunities to look how I defined “important,” “necessary,” “I can’t make a decision on that,” “ahh, I can’t let go of THAT,” “memories,” “I might need that in the future,” “it’s a family memento,” “I could fix that,” … well you get the idea.

This move literally came out of “left field” or “nowhere” as they say.  On one level, I find it incredibly amusing how Spirit works.  I had tried to sell my place before, and was not successful.  A couple of years ago, I couldn’t have sold my place for the amount of money that I purchased it.  I know that because I was looking for a new place to live, and that was one of the pieces of depressing news.  Now that I was retired, and making a lot less money than before, I had pretty much decided that I would just stay where I was.  There weren’t a lot of possibilities around my area where I would be able to “afford” to live.

A few months ago, I started receiving multiple phone calls from multiple companies that wanted to entice me into a lower interest rate.  Since I already had one at 3.75%, that was pretty hard to do.  There were enough of the calls, that I even called my bank and asked if they had a lower deal and they said no.  I took one more call from someone I had talked to before, was escalated to the “let’s make a deal man,” who was incredibly informative.  After several minutes of casual conversation (15-20 minutes), he said something like “let’s just see how things would stack up.”  I gave him what I owed, the interest rate and he asked me how much it was worth.  Told him no idea.  He said let me check, and came back with a figure.  I started laughing.  He asked why was I laughing?  Was it because it was too low, and I said no, it was way too high.  (remember, a couple of years ago, I couldn’t sell it for what I bought it for).  Out of my mouth casually comes “if it worth that much, I’m going to sell the place”  (get out while I can make some money).  He suggests that I ask a local agent, and even looked one up for me and gave me her name and number.  I called and left a message for that agent.  I didn’t hear back for a few days and let it go.  I was working on if it was meant to be, it would happen.

She did call back, asked a few questions and said yes, that was reasonable.  I said let me think on it.  I asked my Trusted Source about it and their comment was “we would like to see you move around for a while and trust that everything would be ok.”  I slept on it, and called her back and said let’s do it.  She gave me a six-month contract, I told her that I only wanted three since I didn’t want to move in the winter.  Either it was sold by the end of September or it wasn’t.  She laughed and said we would probably just need a two-week contract.  I of course thought to myself, “Yeah, I’ve heard that before.”  I just figured that it was in the hands of Spirit and what would happen would happen.  I truthfully didn’t care if it sold or didn’t; it was a more of let’s see what will happen here.  I listed on Thursday, had an offer on Monday, and contract on Wednesday.  The contract landed just before I left for my already planned road trip.  I would return from that for a for a few days, do a quick trip to NM for a workshop and then have 2 weeks to pack.  When I received the offer, I said to myself, “well, I guess it is time to move.”  What is appropriate to mention here, is that once I listed the property the “lower your mortgage interest rate” calls stopped.  (Hmmmm, is there a message in that?)

This decision was and is a BIG decision.  I am aware of the fact that I have given up my single largest tangible asset.  At one time I would have said my single largest asset, and thus discounted the fact that in fact, I am the largest asset that I have.  I also recognize that on a fall-back fixed income, I would not be able to afford living in the same area.  To rent what I had would be 2 to 2.5 times as much as my former mortgage. I have a few physical issues that have developed in the last couple of weeks.  In fact, I remember the moment where I began to think, well, maybe I should stay in the area because I have great doctors, and then said “Rats, you sound just like your parents” and that decided it.  I was not going to be tied to an area just because it had good doctors.  TRUST that all will be well.  My big next lesson.

As I have talked this over with a few friends, one of them told me that I could just tell people that I was “excitedly terrified.”  At the time he told me, it was totally applicable.  I have moved much more toward just plain excited.  This is a big step into the unknown.  Out of my previously normal comfort zone.  Yet there has been an underlying feeling throughout this journey that all IS well, that there is a hand of the Divine in the midst of this.  How do I know?  It has been a basically smooth process; I have not been freaked out about it; I have cleared out a lot of stuff, including my prized office furniture, and I have said yes to my uncertain future.  So, I am off to BE the Wizard!

How is the universe knocking on your door?  What adventure awaits you?