It’s my birthday today, which means it’s my personal New Year celebration. An opportunity to look back at the last year and set intentions to move purposefully into the new year ahead.

To be honest, I’m thrilled at the opportunity for a clean slate. The last year could pretty accurately be summed up by this (excuse the language):


It’s been hard on pretty much every level, and I’ve felt like the monkey’s target practice on more than one occasion. But last week I was grateful to attend our annual Touched By a Horse summit – the timing couldn’t be more perfect as I wrapped up my annus horribilis. Not only was I able to salve my soul by reconnecting with Equine Gestalt Coaching herdmates and celebrating as friends graduated to Certified Practitioner status, but I was given the opportunity to re-frame my coaching business in a way that excites me and will allow me to lean into some of my core competencies in a much more powerful way.

Now I’m looking forward to learning how to dance with that monkey called life again – when it flings poo at me, I’m going to embrace the glee with which it hurls the dung and I’m going to duck and leap and twirl, and know that if I cop some crap it’s nothing a bit of vigorous scrubbing can’t take care of. I’m shifting the focus of my coaching, starting with myself, and I’m going to construct an annus mirabilis – a wonderful year… so Happy Birthday, me – let the dance begin!