To Be Free, Is To Let Go

Thanksgiving dishes have been put away and the turkey, stuffing and pie are gone.

We gave thanks for peace, blessings of memories and what is to be.

Reds and greens have replaced the yellows and oranges of my favorite holiday.

Nature too is making a change and does not ponder what will be.

The easy bend of spring, the frills of summer and the vibrant display of autumn,

Are played out like a breath …  deeply inhaled, held and released.

Her golden hues that danced in the sun and cast deep shadows under the super moon are waning.

Whether it is a gentle breeze or a stiff wind that brings you down swirling to the ground, it does not matter.

The finery is to no longer displayed, exposing long limbs bare and smooth,

With deep roots, like a dark secret, they hold fast in the hard unyielding ground.

While her heart beats slower with a knowing of calm warmth held deep within.

Nature prepares for her liberation, for the season of letting go, for the release of burdens and hidden meanings.

To hold on is pointless and will surely only bring longing and sorrow and letting go provides a space for new growth and promises.

It is to be, to be free is to let go.

I too am feeling the urge to be freed. It has been almost three years since I left my engineering career and turned to a true passion of living, loving and being with horses. I immediately set up a coaching business upon leaving my profession of 35 years. I have kept informed, learned many new lessons, attended classes, meant new friends, sent out flyers, created websites, supported women, their families and children as they passed onto a new awareness and life phase. I have carefully constructed my days and nights to a never-ending motto of self-improvement. But now in the quiet of midnight and the hooting a lone owl, I feel I am waking up.

I look around at what has been accomplished. The dream I harbored for so long has essentially come true. It is good and fulfilling. Yet somehow it lacks in description of who I’ve been, am or will become. Like the Thanksgiving feast recently consumed and gone, I am no longer. Knowing this provides me with a deep sense of yearning once again to find myself. To need less and love more, to do less and be more, to see less and observe deeply, to hear less and find peace in the inner sanctum of quiet. Many have written about this phenomenon, this tiding up of the soul, mind and spirit at the coming of a great change. The power of giving away, recognizing less is more and finding comfort in being part of the circle. Yes I am waking up, to less is more and to the awareness that “To be free is to let go.”

I’ll let you know how this goes. Maybe it is a phase or a passing thought. Either way, it is who and where I am, at this moment.  If you have or are experiencing similar shifts in awareness or feel on the edge of something very exciting, yet a bit frightening, I’d love to hear your story.img_5329

Barbara is a certified EGCMethod® practitioner, life and emotional fitness coach. She created Wayfinding With Horses, LLC to assist women in transition and searching to re-discover their sense of well being, balance and connection. When unexpected events such as divorce, empty nest, retirement or loss occur, it is easy to get lost. Join us at Wayfinding Farm and take a journey using your own internal compass for guidance, feel safe, heard and complete at you look inside and not to external distractions for answers.  Barbara lives with her husband,  horses and cows at Wayfinding Farm, located in “horse” country, near Ocala Florida. For more information go to ( or call/text Barbara at 352-804-4224.