I just got back from a vacation! What? Yes, a real vacation, not a work/vacation but a real vacation! I only checked Facebook Messenger a few times and it was only to check in with my daughter who was home alone taking care of the ranch and all that entails. She only had one little incident, a small charred place on the porch from a smoking log she was taking outside. A reminder for me to keep my words in good order! The very last thing I said to her as we headed out of town… “I love you and please don’t burn down the house.” LOL I won’t be saying that again!

It was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with my parents, my loving husband and myself. It was also an rare opportunity to just observe life, people and nature. There were people from all walks of life, stages of life and different countries. I listened to their speech, their word choice and how they moved through their day. Some were truly embracing life, others were just moving through it. What a huge difference that made. You could see the difference in their expressions and their postures, in their very essence. I want to embrace life! So often our words are a barrier. When we dream and plan we need to just do it! We need to stop with the negativity! Believe me, I know how much money is needed to make my dreams and goals come true but I can’t let that be my first thought. If I do, then becomes a limiting believe and shuts the whole thing down! I need to plan for it, keep pushing forward and adjust where needed. And I realized that I need to surround myself with people who support that! I’m truly blessed that my husband is one of those people!

I also realized how much I love the water! I grew up fishing on lakes with my grandpa, swimming and playing on the beach in Galveston and swimming in pools as a kid. This trip brought that all back. I spent a lot of time standing on our balcony at open sea. I never tired of it. I couldn’t wait to get to port so I could walk on the beach! I don’t have that here in Wyoming and I miss it. This is something I need to remedy. I don’t know where exactly but I see some retreats or something that includes beaches and blue water in the future. Manifesting…

I am so grateful to my parents for this much needed vacation and for sharing this time with me. I am thankful my husband joined me and overcame his anxiety to do so. I’m grateful for all the couples who danced the night away as they relived their teen years and youth listening to music from the 60’s! They were such an inspiration and touched my life in ways they’ll never know. And I’m blessed, truly blessed and I am embracing life!