Aging Women posted by Barbara B. a co-writier of the Women Move it Forward Blog

I am an aging woman

Old enough to hear wisdom’s voice

Young of heart but not mind or body

Seen by some, invisible to many

Smiling, caring, with spirit strong


I am an aging woman

Time stacked up on a shelf

My cover tattered and stained

Bindings stiff and some broken

Holding words and visions that ring true


I am an aging woman

With apron strings long untied

Yearning for love’s lost, a secret touch

And for frayed family ties to be restrung

Walking alone amongst family and strangers

I am an aging woman

I tend to my garden of love

Yielding silver and golden moments to share 

Entrusting and giving to those in need,

A lift to an ailing spirit or hope to a tattered heart


I am an aging woman

Hope wells up eternal

From the depths of ancient roots

Joy springs forth from the simplest of gestures

The presence is my present, the gift of now


     As I become chronological older the outer things, the items that consumed my time, heart and money seem less important. I still buy new clothes or go to the movies but I often find the “going” does not give me as much self-satisfaction as the “doing”. Just as my old shirt calls to be worn more than something new, not because of it’s style but because of where we have been together, what we have shared and how it knows me so well.

     I find myself going back to books with words written that nurture my spirit and soul. Wallowing in and observing the recurring tale of human tragedy does not bring me delight. The caring for and reaching out to others in the here and now is what I am learning as important. Finding abundance in the present, and working at perfecting the “Wow in Now” is my challenge. It is a treasure-trove we all have received, perfect in so many ways.

The more I observe, savor, and give thanks for, the more beauty, serenity and laughter fills my moments. Whether it is watching a young hummingbird drink nectar from a aloe bloom in the garden or a 10 year old scampering to gather lizards for his new “Gecko Farm”. The “giving” of my time at the library to help a youngster read or understand a algebraic equation is far more uplifting and satisfying than spending a evening on the town. Sharing with others the softness of the horse’s gaze or the feeling of their nuzzle against their cheek is priceless. Even my memory does not lapse as often when thinking of what I do for others as opposed to what I have done for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, getting older is not easy.  But neither is life and that is OK.  If I slide downhill with gravity now and then, I know getting back to some vista is well worth the effort. And once back, I realize it is simpler to observe from a plateau than be at the bottom. I’ve discovered that I do not need to scale tall, ragged mountains, more like the older, softer Appalachian Hills to find reward and a spectacular view.

So this aging process is a curious thing and a tremendous gift. With age I am allowed to become more of who I am, than who I am meant to be and so I thank the Lord of age and wisdom for being an aging woman. 

Barbara is trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, a retired Professional Engineer and Qi Gong Instructor but mostly a woman who loves and listens to horses. Throughout her life the horses have helped her align with her inner compass for awareness, balance and clarity. Wayfinding With Horses, LLC, offers an experiential process where you can choose to move forward, heal and fully engage with life and Find the Wow in Now. Barbara lives with her husband, dogs, cats, horses and cows at Wayfinding Farm, located near Ocala Florida.  For more information about EGCMethod® coaching contact Barbara at (