Written by BB Harding, contributor to Women Move It Forward Blog

First, my heart goes out to all of those who have been directly impacted by Harvey, Irma, John, earthquakes and fires.  There really are no words for me to express the pain of losing what is meaningful and having to start over again.  My prayers are that your return journey to wholeness is swift and filled with grace.

Over the last few decades I have lived with a growing awareness of what is now probably best referred to as the “From Me to We” movement.  One of my first awarenesses was back in the 60’s when it was heralded as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (song from the musical Hair).  That we would be moving out of the realm of teacher / student, parent / child; boss / employee into the realm of co-creation, working together.  I continued to watch and observe and started noticing that there were things that appeared to be dismantling the structure of hierarchy – working in groups; inverting the decision points in customer service; the growing of collaboration in all areas.  The understanding around using the energy of the resonant fields and tapping into the collective consciousness.

I have watched the evidences of the goodness of mankind that frequently emerges to prominence (i.e., worthy of news coverage) when there is a tragedy.  Just recently in the wake of Hurricane Harvey there were people who came from other states to support the rescue efforts.  They jumped in their trucks, hauling boats behind them just so they could do something to help another in need.  Genuine human caring for another, a recognition that we are all in this together, and a compulsion to serve.

There is now a growing list of books, talks, thoughts, webinars people engaged in the process of shifting from Me to We.  And the meaning is so much larger than where it was in the 60’s.  How is it that what I am doing fits into this?

A few months ago, I received what in my training is called a purpose upgrade to bring all of creation into communion.  I sat there stunned and barely able to breathe.  I had a vague understanding of what that meant, however, no idea of how to bring that into fruition.  If I jumped into a higher perspective, I knew that of course, if we returned to our original essence, on the other side of the veil, there is only love and communion, no separation, we are all one.  So, obviously the objective is to bring people back to an experience of their original essence while they are here on earth.  Finally in the last couple of weeks, I have come to the realization that this is not a new thing, only different words.  There are many cultures and traditions that honor the sacredness in all things.  Namaste is a Sanskrit word that has come to represent that understanding; it essentially says “the Spirit within me bows to the Spirit within you.”  Over the years, I have toyed with the “consciousness that exits within all things,” although, truthfully, I would not have thought of it that way.  I would still see myself as separate from the thing that I was relating to.  I have dabbled in gardening with Nature’s Intelligence, making essences (flower, gem, earth, animal), written a book on the wisdom contained in essential oils, received messages on the state of mankind from horses, medical intuition, and “silly” things like talk to my car.  Truthfully, not anything that I would put much stock into – it was just something that I did along the way.  Now I realize, that I am uniquely qualified to begin sharing with people and opening their eyes that there is a consciousness that exits in all things whether we choose to believe that or not.  There is even scientific evidence that there is an intelligence that exits within the atoms of life.

Now it may seem that this blog refers to seemingly disparate things – moving from me to we; people helping others; purpose upgrade.  However, in my mind, these all weave the energy of the We-ness or One-ness that exists.  My experience of these things in just the last few weeks have served to awaken me to a deeper level of we are all connected, a particle within the whole.   I can not live on this planet and not be impacted by a monsoon in India; a hurricane in Texas or Florida; a fire in the Pacific Northwest and Montana; even solar flares or a solar eclipse that is touted as a once in a lifetime experience.  I have come to understand this when the grief that is being experienced throughout the world made it into my energetic body in such a way that I could no longer deny my connection to it.

I was struck earlier this week of who would I be if I looked through the eyes of love?  If I could see beyond my fears of differences and unknowns and into the heart of love and compassion?  What if I were to now embrace that my contribution is to experience at a greater depth with all that exists that we are one; we are all a spark within the Mind of God?

Stay tuned, as this journey of exploration continues to unfold.  If you would like to join me in this, contact me about participating in my new offering Conversations with Consciousness that will start November 7.