Blog submitted by Michelle Sidun.

This summer has been filled to the brim with transitions and changes, emotionally, mentally, visually, personally and materially. It began in May with our youngest daughter moving out. She got married just a few weeks later and we added a son to the family. While prepping for the wedding and the many friends and family that would be invading our home, I changed bedrooms around, painted walls, moved furniture and re-decorated. I shifted the house away from being a house full of family to a house for a couple. It’s just the hubby and I here now and we’re often on completely different schedules. This means I’m often cooking for one instead of an army. I have gotten rather creative and I must say that pan fried tilapia coated in crushed Raisin Bran flakes is quite yummy!

While I’m enjoying how clean and straight the house stays, it is lonely at times. This time is a wonderful opportunity to work on my business and create but I haven’t always used it in a productive way. I was lonely and a little lost and just sat watching tv sometimes. The awareness that I was in a funk and in transition has helped me start to shift that. I’m thinking a large white board needs to be hung to keep me on task and focused!

After the wedding had passed and all our friends and family had returned home I took a big sigh of relief and shifted gears to outside projects. This is where my heart is. I enjoy being outside more than inside, another reason for the funk I found myself in! Many of this year’s projects require a second set of hands though and there was just one set available now, the hubby’s. Finding time that we are both home long enough to work on those projects has been challenging. I’ve had to learn to really break my projects down. Before I would just do them start to finish in a “normal” sequence. There might be breaks – not all projects can be done in a day – but I’d pick it up right where I left it. Now I have to look at it and say, “what parts of this can I do alone?” And even though it may be out of sequence, I work on those parts. I do as much prep for the two person work as I can. I am finding that this is shifting my brain in many areas. As I tackle more projects, I’m sure there will be another blog.

Another huge a-ha and challenge was the realization that although my hubby and I have been together for 29 years, we had huge gaps in our communication! We communicate wonderfully on many things. It’s not like we don’t talk! In fact, we talk a lot. We counsel each other about issues, we share our dreams and challenges, we debate but we could not communicate well when it came to working together on a project. In the past I’ve always asked our 3 daughters to help me.

Our first project was stretching wire over frames I had built for the chicken yard. He almost ended up with butt cheeks full of staples. I had that staple gun poised and aimed right at his tookus ready to pull the trigger! After some bantering, we finished the project but it wasn’t pleasant. Our next project has been pounding 39 t-posts in for a new pasture. We had a few bumpy starts but I figured out I need to share everything in my head before we start…first we’ll do this, in this order and this is how it looks, etc, etc. We’ve found a flow. There have been lots of laughs, including a day that turned t-post pounding into what we call t-post porn. It had nothing to do with naked people, only t-posts, I promise. It made us laugh and made the hard work go a little easier. tposts

We’re creating memories and stories while working together and getting so much done!