Recently, I was feeling puny from an ordinary head cold. I am not usually much of a fan of TV, but I found myself watching a children’s film, Charlotte’s web.  Based on the children’s novel by E. B. White, the story is about Charlotte the spider, who befriends Wilber the spring pig.  Wilber is more than ordinary, he is a runt. Clever Charlotte spins words into her web, to make the locals view Wilber in a much higher manner than becoming bacon at the smokehouse.  The whole rural community is touched by the magic.  By the end of the story, it makes everyone in the community including the barn animals a little more thoughtful and kinder.  As the credits were rolling, Sarah MacLachlan sings a beautiful song titled “Ordinary Miracle.”


Hence the inspiration for this blog, as the song captures just how miraculous everyday life can be. The spider’s web is a symbol of connection.  If we are mindful, we can begin to see how we creatively and intricately weave the webs of our lives.

If we are aware and present, we can often catch breathtaking glimpses in nature of ordinary miracles. Oh yes, I could list them endlessly here- but perhaps it would be better if you pondered some of your own.

Humans, too, can touch our lives with ordinary miracles. Last summer I picked a friend up from Union Station. She came loaded down with luggage.  She is petite and I had an injured shoulder.  We had several blocks to walk to catch the light Rail (public transportation) here in Denver.  I literally prayed out loud for help, because I did not know how we would negotiate with me being injured and all her luggage. Dragging heavy luggage up and down the steps seemed out of the realm of possibilities.  I even chewed my friend out a little.  Miraculously, young strong guys appeared at every precarious place to assist us.  No one even seemed irritated at our slow progress.  The final test was in the parking garage, as even with two of us working on it together, I wasn’t sure we could master lifting the one overfilled large suitcase up into my jeep.  A young man actually ran across the parking deck to assist.  In one hefty swoop he grabbed the bag and had it stowed.  He barely stopped long enough for us to thank him.

I have to say, I was fairly awestruck that day that a simple prayer of desperation led to a team of earthly angels manifesting to help.

During this often stressful season of hustle and bustle take a few moments to experience an ordinary miracle. Better than that, add to your list a way of being an ordinary miracle for someone else this season.  It may even be an invisible act. After all it is the season of sharing.  You never know how you might touch a complete stranger’s life by being a little more thoughtful or kind.  Allow your inner light to shine even brighter as we await the New Year, and the return of ordinary daylight and warmth.  My wish for you is that you give and receive an ordinary miracle.  After all did not an ugly spider and a runty pig become steadfast friends?  Really, wasn’t that extra-ordinary?

As I have been writing this, a spider has been crawling and hanging around on the screen outside the window. Her message is: “Be mindful of the web your words weave.  Use them wisely and constructively, to make intricate connections.”  AHO!