Blog post contributed by Barbara B.

2018 seems to be starting like so many years in the past. We are asked to change our outward appearance in order to find  happiness and joy. Already the coupons for “slim” dinners, diet pills and discounts for health spas are filling the mailboxes. If you look great on the outside, than all is well with the world, is the promise.  I don’t know about you, but these schemes have never worked for me. To me, these quick fixes are temporary, limiting and not fulfilling. How often do we work on our outside only to find it is not in alignment with our inner truth?

Early in the morning on the 1st , I sat with pen and paper (i.e. computer) in hand, like many of you, and reviewed 2017. I did this so I can start with a fresh paper for 2018, with as little or no baggage as possible. I jotted down what I started, completed, accomplished and wished I had done.  I stepped backed and took a look. Hmmm… yes there was a lot done and a number of things left undone. But did I feel like I was in a better place? Were my finances better off? Was my spirit a testament to all I read and cherished this last year? Was my home a refuge or sanctuary? Did I care for friends and family with compassion and warmth? Was I wiser? Healthier? Happier? Were others better off by my encounter with them? Was life simpler or more complicated? Did I use my hours and days well? I had so many questions, I had to stop. To simplify, I decided to first check into my mind, body, heart, spirit and hear what my inner compass had to say. The other questions could be answered later. So for now…

I checked into my mind?

Wow I did more than I thought. I planned and completed a number of items. I visited my family, traveled to see a solar eclipse, read  listened to audio books using Libby and RB Digital Library App. I held self help clinics, I learned about my heritage and the book of Runes. I helped others understand their Charka energy. I was certified on a curriculum on how to work better with youth. I set up classes and worked with the local youth and older teens helping them find their own power. I helped women better understand themselves and their horses while improving their connection and understanding. I stepped out and taught Qigong and brought Lincoln, my poodle for visits to aid residents of extended living facilities. I felt good, but knew I could have done more, used my time more wisely and maybe be a bit more focused.

This 2018 I will feed my mind with more positive ideas so I can help it do the work I am met to do. I need a mind that is open, less judgmental and more willing to listen and observe. What does my mind need? I asked it and it said “I would like more rest, be happy with results, not flitter about so much and please feed and care for me as well as I do the horses.” It wants to be able to meet my demands without stress and maximize it’s potential so we can be healthy and happy together.

I checked into my body?

This past year I dedicated more time to practicing Qigong, Yoga, meditation and general wellness. I am very happy with the added flexibility, the cleansing I receive from deep breathing and am more aware of how my body. I can feel the difference when I kayak as my motion and limberness improves. I purchased a new bike and rode it more frequently. The horses and I played on a more regular bases and I ran with them to expand my lungs and leg strength.I really feel a difference and take note how I feel when I become lazy and eat lower octane or sugar laden diet.

This 2018 I will take even better care of my body so I can better serve others. I need it to be stronger, leaner and balanced to radiate light. OK body what do you want, I asked? It almost screamed at me. You know what I need? Just follow thru and do it! Take off the burden of weight so I can move more freely and be lighter on my feet. So I promise, I will not only listen but I will do as it needs. I will continue to be selective about the food I take in and drink 10-12 glasses plenty of water. I will strengthen my body so I can feel my muscles rejoice and not feel them complain when over exerted. I look forward to my body being well so my heart and spirit can soar. This will also help my mind to be clear. I will purchase a “fit” watch so I can monitor my progress and not guess as it. This will help me be honest with me and my body.

I checked into my heart?

I’ve had a tough year holding onto what I cherish. My family has been torn by illness and my dream of a successful business has been altered. Throughout last year,I felt love flowing through my fingers like grains of sand. I so wanted to pause so I could sculpt and shape a masterpiece of love. Something I could hold onto. I know love is never lost, it just resides in a different place and I must find that place. I think back on 2017 and remember wonderful times with my sisters, friends and of course the horses. The times I rode and saw the light flicker through the trees or kayaked down a fog laden river made my heart soar. I also saw smiles and bright eyes shining back at me while teaching which fills my heart with graditude. I have abundance in my heart along with aching.

So I asked my heart, what do you need in 2018? My heart says “I am uneasy. I am not prepared to go another year in the same frozen framework it had been pressed into. To let go is to be free. I want freedom to love and be, not be caged. When I am broke, please take the time to honor it? I may not fill up all the voids may stay with me and concentrate on the parts that are working well, my joy and wonder of it all”  OK I say. I will give more of my time and endeavors so others can experience the joy of being and living. My inner compass will take precedence even while in a fog. Soaring is how we will work on being free and finding joy.

I checked into my spirit?

This year my connection to a higher power, a God and Spirit has grown tenfold. I am honored and humbled to a part of this incredible universe. My spirit has encompassed not only this world but outer dimensions which are limitless, just as universal Love and Kindness.

So spirit what is it you want for us? “I choose to soar and be light for others”,  it responds. This 2018 I look forward to sharing the spirit of community with others and connect to the awesome power of oneness. We are all made of atoms and space and the glue of our humanist being is love and compassion. This is how Spirit and I will transform 2018, by reaching out to others and sharing love, light and wholeness.

How is your 2018 going? What does your mind, body, heart and spirit need to fully resonate with your purpose? Check into your inner compass and listen. Make this year the year of possibilities and promise.



Barbara is trained in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, a retired Professional Engineer and Qi Gong Instructor but mostly she is a woman passionate about horses and sharing their gift of spirit with others. Throughout her life the horses have demonstrated to her how to align her inner compass and become more aware, balanced and joyful. Wayfinding With Horses, LLC, offers women an experiential process where by choosing to move forward, heal and fully engage with life their present indeed becomes a “Gift. Barbara lives with her husband, dogs, cats, horses and cows at Wayfinding Farm, located near Ocala Florida.  For more information about EGCMethod® coaching contact Barbara at ( Wayfinding With Horses- I invite you to find the wild and wonderful within.