Contributed by Michelle Sidun…

New Year’s is all about resolutions and setting goals. So often many of those resolutions have already gone by the wayside by the end of January. We’re all ready and rearing to go and then we fizzle.  What happens? Life, life happens. Reality sets in. At least that’s my opinion and what happens for me.  So what can I do to change that?  For me it’s more about looking at what is unfinished from last year. That’s where I start.  I look at my projects and goals that didn’t get finished and then I decide if it’s something I want to drop or carry into the new year. From there I set additional goals.

Fast forward to July, how many of these goals and projects have been met?  Well last year, not many! Arg! What the heck happened?  I didn’t put my goals up in a visible place so that I was reminded of them regularly, that’s what happened. They got shoved in a closet and I ran across them when I was organizing.  Lol, oh look those are zone pretty amazing goals.  I should do that… So this month the white board is going up and big sticky notes too.  Sharing those goals with my hubby is important too.  How can he help me if he doesn’t know what I need help with? Communication is key!

Breaking them down into catagories is another step. Yes, I’m a list girl.  Even my lists have lists.  😁  Many things I can do myself but others I need help with.  Knowing which projects I need a second set of hands with will help me plan as I’ll need to plan around multiple schedules.  Like so many couples these days,  we are often going in different directions and have very different days off.  Finally,  always have a back up plan!  Here in Wyoming the weather often throws us a curve ball so having an alternative project to work on is a key to success!

So here’s to Looking Back and Moving Forward!