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Written by Carroll a member of Women Move it Forward

It is spring time and I find that I am antsy and fidgety.  Lately, I have noticed the energy in and around me is shaken up and all over the place.  I do not know why or when it started.  One morning it was just there.  Thinking on it, I gain the vision that it is time to do a spring cleaning.  Not only in my home, but also inside of me.  I feel that my spring cleaning needs to be very deliberate and purposeful.  Looking around, I notice there are rooms in my home that could use some attention.  But then I notice that there are places inside of me that could also use some attention.

When spring cleaning my home, I take everything from the shelves and remove items from the counter tops.  These items are carefully placed in another room.  Then I dust and clean each item and thoughtfully place it where it feels right or get rid of it if I do not need it anymore.  To complete the task, each room needs this careful going over or the entire house will be unsettled and the home is unsettled while I go through the process.

Just like a spring cleaning in my home, I also feel I am getting a spring cleaning of myself, like the universe has decided to spring clean my life.  Thoughts, ideas and feelings need to be evaluated and shifted until I have either kept or thrown them out.  There is a dance of keep it… toss it… keep it… toss it…  I feel positive and cleansed as I go through this routine.  As I think the mental process through, it occurs to me that the state of my home and my state of mind are more closely linked than I realized.  My mental state is obvious to my friends when they visit my home.  If my home is cluttered, I am cluttered.  If the house is organized, I am organized.  This insight seems very fitting.

I am not completely relaxed or grounded right now, but this process gives me a sense of purpose behind my energy and an channel for it.  Letting this energy buzz around me without an outlet will drive me crazy so I embrace it.  April is my spring cleaning month.  My mental cleaning and house cleaning will be hard and time consuming but it will also be very rewarding.  I look forward to the positive results.

Are there places in your life that could use a good spring cleaning?