Posted by BB Harding.

One of my stated intentions is to allow the Universe to inform me.  That, I’m sure can mean many things, however, in my mind I want to open up to the messages, that I believe, the universe is constantly transmitting for me, and all of us.  It is simply a matter of allowing the messages to register in my consciousness and recognize the possibilities that are being offered to me.


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A couple of weeks ago, I am on a conference call and I hear what amounts to a banging against my window.  It was a bright sunny day, the bats were back, and I thought to myself, ouch, a bird or a bat must have hit one of the windows.  I heard it a few more times during the call, and yet, I could see no source of the noise from where I was sitting.  After the call, I hear a persistent knock, knock, knock against the window.  I get up, stick my head around the corner to my bedroom window, and there is a roadrunner with a lizard in his mouth, tapping his beak against the window.  As soon as he saw me, he took off.

I went back to work, and a little while later I hear knock, knock, knock.  And once again, I go to the window and there is Mr. Roadrunner with a lizard in his beak tapping on the window.  He doesn’t immediately run off.  I tell him that he has done a great job catching a lizard and that it looks mighty fine.  He puts his eyeball to the window for a moment, and then takes off, going up to the higher level.  He pauses for a moment.  I’m thinking that perhaps he wants me to follow him; to see something.  I put on my slippers and go outside.  I see his crown popping above the grass and going towards the pasture.  I go up the stairs, and It appears that he is going slowly, as I get to the top of the stairs, he flies off.  I go down the field, and I am not able to see where he went to.  I wait a few moments and return to the house.

I am getting ready for another call, and yet again, knock, knock, knock on the window.  Once again, Mr. Roadrunner is at my window with a lizard in his mouth.  In between visits, I had put on my shoes and socks so that I would be more ready for him  should he reappear.  He once again goes up to the higher level, and this time waits by a shrub bush.  I come up the stairs, and again, he runs down the path, takes a leap and flies off.  I traverse down to the end by the fence, and I am unable to spot anything that resembles Mr. Roadrunner.  I tell him that the class that I am taking is about to start, and that should he come knocking again, I would not be able to respond.  I don’t hear anything else from Mr. Roadrunner.

The next day, as soon as I finish my first call I hear knock, knock, knock.  Again, Mr. Roadrunner and clearly, another lizard.  (yesterday, in my mind, it was a toss up about whether it was the same lizard or different ones since they looked the same, and were in relatively the same positioin.).  This time, I walk to the window and place my finger against it, and he places his beak against the window.  We stand like that for a moment or two, and then he takes off.

A little while later, once again, tap, tap, tap.  Not surprisingly, tis Mr. Roadrunner and yet another lizard.  He waits a moment, I go outside, up the stairs, and he runs off in the opposite direction than he has been doing.  I go down that path, and once again, not able to see where he has taken a run to.

Later that day, once again he appears, and when I go outside, he again goes down the same path that he had used several times before.   I didn’t tell him that I would be doing another call in an hour or so, and there are several more taps on the window, however, I am not able to go check them out. 

On the next day, I am puppy sitting, and suddenly, at a different window, this one closer to the door, there is once again, the familiar tap, tap, tap.  And clearly, another lizard in his mouth.  I go to the window, and once again place my finger to the window.  He again places his beak against the window.  I tell the dog not to chase the roadrunner, open the door, and she dashes out, not after the roadrunner, however, it is enough to scare the roadrunner off.  I have not seen Mr. Roadrunner since then.  I have seen a multitude of lizards since then though.

After the third siting of the roadrunner on the first day, I did a search on the spiritual meeting of roadrunner and the first website that came up ( had a lengthy interpretation.  I quickly skimmed it and took away a few key points.  It is a sign of ending delays; things will move forward in my life; a sign of speediness and doing things in an efficient manner; I’m on the right path; something in my life has been healed; keep moving forward; learn all I can about who I am and why I am here.  There are others, however, these are the ones that stood out.

I quickly looked up lizard on the same site, and the key takeaway there was that I will make mistakes, and it is normal.

If you have been following me on this blog, you know that I have been looking for a new place to live.  (Yes, I’m still looking!).  There was a house that I saw on one of the real estate sites, and it looked great in the pictures.  I spoke to my realtor about making an offer on the place contingent upon my actually seeing it.  As a courtesy, he drove out, did some videos.  He noted that it was easy to get to; that it was clean; and could be readily moved into.  And yes, the bars on the windows had quick releases in the bedrooms.  When we reconnected later that day, taking the message of the roadrunner to heart, I said that I would like to go ahead and make an offer.  Turns out, we were too late to do that, someone else already had, and had a counter in the making.  Turns out when I actually saw it the following weekend, it was a good idea that I hadn’t actually done that.  One of my primary guiding principles is that the house must feel good to me on the inside and the outside.  It didn’t.

I also took the meaning of roadrunner as an affirmation that I am on the right path to learning all I can about who I am and why I am here.  I have been studying Human Design for the last several months, and just completed a course as a coach assistant doing voice dialogue, and was now a participant in a course to learn about my shadow.  All of these providing more tools and insights into who I am, and why am I here.

I have known for several months that I am the middle of a shift, so that too was an affirmation.

Although the message on the lizard was just a paragraph, it powerfully fit in to what I have been working with.  Paralysis that comes with not doing things for fear of making a mistake – especially a bad choice and then having to live with it.  Somehow or another, the lesson about you can always make another choice got buried deep within my psyche, covered up by aspect of making bad choices and then being a failure or incompetent.  Now, I have allowed myself a mantra – I am always at choice.

On the second day that Mr. Roadrunner showed up, I told my friend and she jokingly said – “he has the hots for you.”  I was curious about the feeding habits of roadrunners, and found out that among other things, they will share a lizard (or other insect or snake) between them while mating.  Ok, I didn’t imagine myself mating with a roadrunner and sharing a tasty lizard between us.  However, there were a couple of takeaways even from that.  First, there was a momentary indulgence of being so congruent and peaceful that I would be able to go outside and have the roadrunner come up to me “in person” so to speak.  Having that connection felt like the many pictures of St. Francis where the animals are gathered around and on him.  The second thing was to consider that the relationships that I most coveted at the moment were with myself and the connection to Source.  Again, an affirmation of what is transpiring in my life.

By day three, the thing that I became most aware of, was the sadness I felt that he didn’t come back again.  On the higher level, one could say, perhaps I had gotten the message and he no longer needed to come back.  And it turns out that another meaning for lizard is that willingness to surrender and let go of something that no longer serves you.  A strong reminder that there are many things in my life that can be released. 

When I did my own check-in with roadrunner, the message I heard was
that my life was going to be changing more quickly now that it was time.  The time that I have been waiting was fruitful and much needed.  I will be meeting new people and making new relationships – both in the type of relationship as well as just meeting new and different people.  Allow these people to nurture me not only through wisdom, also through fun and play.

As I will need to respond more quickly to some of the opportunities it will be important for me to release my perfectionistic tendencies and permit myself to make mistakes.  It is not the end of the world when I do, however, it might be beginnings of enlightenment.

I have many spiritual allies, learn to partner with them and allow my life to alter its course through their wisdom and teachings.  I am not alone, and most worthy of love and support.  Care for myself, as this will be even more important going forward.

I also had a momentary reflection on the fact that there were 7 times that I saw the roadrunner with a lizard in its mouth.  The number 7 represents a seeker of truth, and is always trying to understand the underlying and hidden truths.  I believe that affirms this entire blog.  😊

I would be remiss if I didn’t cop to the fact that one of the many thoughts about roadrunner was the fact that he was a staple of my childhood.  As a cartoon character, he was always besting Wile Coyote and as he raced down the road, he was accompanied with his voice of “meep meep.”  Brought a smile to my face.

What messengers have you allowed in your life today?