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I just watched a video that took my breath away.

A little background: Along with my husband, I have a small business, Harmony’s Heart LLC. For me, that business is all about talking with people’s animals and helping them navigate things like “When is it time to put my elder cat down?” or “My dog is so nervous – I wish he’d calm down.” These conversations often take on the aspect of coaching, as over time I’ve found that our animal friends are more interested in helping us be better humans than whether or not they have the best kibble.

For years, I worked in Information Technology in large corporations. This is not even close to what I do now. It was technical. It was serious. It was “important”. It was also borrrrrr-ing.  For me, one of the best parts of the job was interpreting what was going on with a machine and putting it into words that the uneducated or technology-challenged user could understand, so they’d get along better with that application or printer.

Hmm, when I look at it that way, maybe it was a bit like what I do these days. I was an interpreter, and I still am. It’s just that now, I’m assisting a living, breathing entity (or what once was living and breathing, since I also connect with animals who have passed) be understood, much like I assisted people in understanding that printer, or that application.


Where I’m going with this is the thought that what I do can be construed as “strange.” “Weird”. Definitely a long way from what most of the U.S. considers “normal.” On my darker days, I feel like an outcast, as though my passion for the animals, and what they have to say to us and want to help us with, is something that is useless. So I’ll become frozen, and not want to make phone calls, or put myself out there. Better to be safe in my little cocoon instead of the object of ridicule or hate.

When all of my fears and insecurities have taken their rightful place at the back of the bus, and my passion and purpose for this lifetime have taken over the driving, I know that’s hogwash. What I do is what I was meant to do. It’s taken me a long time to get to the party. Now that I’m here, though, this is my gift. Interpreter of animal wisdom. Teacher of those who want to open themselves to that gift themselves. Cheerleader for a better world, starting with our relationship with the animals and nature around us.

This is me.

Watch the video. Be inspired. Remember who YOU are. In your authentic self, you are making a difference, no matter how large, no matter how small. You matter.

Ashara Morris is the President and CEO of Harmony’s Heart LLC, where she assists animals and their people to have the best relationship ever. For more information, visit http://www.harmonysheartanimals.com, or contact Ashara by phone (720-737-0495) or email (ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com).