Flying recently to California, we paralleled Interstate 70, which I travel frequently by car. It was a magnificent day for flying; clear, calm, the landscape below crisp and clear. I recognized landmarks all along the route – there was Loveland ski area, and the huge mountains under which the Eisenhower tunnel runs- how did the engineers even figure that out? From the ground, Glenwood Canyon is beautiful, and I recall the massive effort to maintain its beauty while still allowing a four lane (stacked) freeway. How did the engineers figure THAT out? Glenwood Springs, and the road leading to Aspen. Onward to the canyon outside Palisade and Grand Junction and on into southern Utah.

Green River is the gateway to the most magnificent stretch of I-70 imaginable, at least to me. From the air, the change in landscape shows a fault line, one plate pushing up onto another. Is it ancient, and no longer doing any moving, or is there still some adjustment going on? It’s a crescent on the ground, and I-70 crests it and moves on. On the other side, Ridgefield Utah is an oasis in the landscape. A few minutes further on and I-15 from Salt Lake City intersects and drops south toward Las Vegas. I-70’s journey is complete. We continue northwest toward San Francisco, into new territory for my eyes.

It was a privilege to have a bird’s eye view of a frequently traveled ground route. I have a new appreciation for the many ecosystems I cross in the 12 hour journey from home to my work at Horsefeathers Farm in Las Vegas. The Colorado mountains hold a particular appeal, and even though I’m not all that fond of the cold, I can see our business flourishing there – a destination for the weary, the troubled, a place to come and breathe in fresh air, hang with the horses and other animals, and find equilibrium and peace. The destination we have now, near Elizabeth, is also wonderful. Perhaps two locations at some point?

What a gift we’ve been given in this world. I am amazed and grateful every day. The next time you take a trip by air, see if you can get a window seat, and let yourself be transported into the cosmos surrounding our beautiful planet. I can guarantee you’ll feel the Love of the Creator cradling you in its arms, and you will be comforted.