In the meta-physical healing world, we often use the phrase “holding space.” In essence we are holding space for the individual, situation or set of circumstances to work itself out to the highest possible outcome. We are holding that the vast wisdom of the Universe and the powerful divine energy field expand and manifest in ways we don’t even imagine. We look for shifts and insights and movement to the out workings beyond the difficulty. This is not passive- but active. We might also ask for whatever the person needs at this time to be given to them. Perhaps it is strength or courage or healing, stamina or endurance. Perhaps we ask our angels and guides to team up with other Beings in alignment with the person or circumstance.

People often ask me to hold space for them. I gladly do so. I show up in ways that I can for them, but I rely heavily on the unseen energetic Beings and the energy forces of the Universe to do the heavy lifting.

I have had my own health issues in recent months. This required three spinal injections of steroids to reduce inflammation. I do not like to even think about a needle so close to my spine. Soon I will be having a cervical spine fusion. Fusion to me infers lack of mobility- which seems a negative connotation.

However, I giggled out loud after the first injection. They explained that they were trying to “create space” around the nerve that was being pinched by reducing the inflammation. I love this concept about creating space! Right away I thought about how the Universe is not stagnant- it is constantly moving and expanding. Are we not microcosms of the Universe? Can we create space within? The spinal fusion will actually “create space” so that the pressure on my nerves, spinal cord and the stenosis causing pooling of spinal fluid and a lack of it traveling to my brain will be corrected. Yes- I will experience some lack of mobility in my vertebrae. Right now I actually have too much movement and instability in those areas. The cushions and stability lost due to disc degeneration will be stabilized. Bone spurs have developed as an attempt to stabilize the disc degeneration, but the bony growths are poking my spinal cord. This will create space for me to have a better quality of life, instead of continuing to deteriorate.

A client recently was having somewhat of a meltdown. She asked me “where, where was her courage located in her body?” I paused a moment collecting my thoughts and was about to proceed to discuss energetically about where courage was located in the Chakra system. Before I could open my mouth she declared profoundly that she knew- her courage was located in all the in between spaces where she hadn’t been looking!

My pause created a space so they she could allow her own answer to rise up from within her. I created space and she created space. We were not holding onto anything. It went from passive to taking action. I had a shift in consciousness. So did my client. I now create space instead of holding space. It seems so much more expansive. I am not holding anything but creating and reflecting inner and outer space. It creates energetic movement, and allows what needs to happen. See if you can create a paradigm shift!

Note:  On August 22nd, I had cervical spinal fusion surgery.  While in recovery, I developed a complication.  A blood clot/hematoma formed behind the surgical repair.  I lost the nerve response in my legs.  Emergency surgery removed the clot and cleaned up the area.  I was later sent to a rehab hospital to re-learn how to walk.  I am still off balance and wobbly.  I also have swelling and nerve deficits through my left shoulder, arm and hand.  I am going to out patient physical therapy twice per week. I am “creating space” around healing and recovery.  I am told that I have been a pleasant patient and that I am motivated.  As per my previous post, I was willing to accept, adapt and release.  If you feel motivated too, please take a silent moment to create space around healing and recovery too.  Thank you!