I bet that sounds a little selfish and self-absorbed right before Christmas, right? Maybe, and it’s OK if it’s done in a healthy way. I actually just celebrated my 49th birthday yesterday so a day all about me goes without saying. Another celebration is just a few days away. Winter solstice! Often referred to as Yule, this year it will fall on December 21st at 3:23 p.m. MST. Yule is a celebration of the longest night and the rebirth of the sun. Many ancient religions and civilizations celebrated the winter solstice. Many of those beliefs and traditions have been adopted into today’s religions and celebrations. At this time of year I am counting down the days to winter solstice! I despise the long nights and look forward to longer days and more sunshine!

As I looked at my messages and emails for today, there was a consistent theme… Me! One message read, “you are a successful high achiever” – well, duh! LOL My youngest daughter actually called me an over achiever on Saturday! Another message read, “trust yourself, prepare for a personal breakthrough. Make a commitment to your well-being”.

Well Universe – Message heard loud and clear!!

There are many ways I can apply this message and they are all worthy. I find myself leaning towards a tool I learned to use in the EGCM program called a coaching wheel. If that peaks your interest, give me a call and we can chat, wink wink!

The coaching wheel will be a useful tool to measure and focus the “me” message to the different aspects in my life and business. Like the sun that will be reborn at winter solstice and gain power each day, I, too, will rise again. No sense waiting for January 1st, I’m starting now!!

My aspects will be business, home, physical well-being/weight loss, relationships, ranch, calendar, horses, and art. Over the next few days I’ll rank where I am currently and decide how I want to tackle each piece of the pie and move towards that perfect “10”! On Yule, I’ll set some intentions around each and burn a Yule log to welcome home the sun and the new vibrant ME!

Merry Yule everyone!

~ Michelle

Through the Horse