I recently entered into a coaching circle with my fellow Touched by a Horse grads. As a result, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my business and it’s many faces. I’ve been revisiting my values and making sure they are reflected in my website. I’ve finally named my place here in Wyoming. After much though, the land and I agreed on Stonegait Manor. I’ve committed to taking my Paso Fino stallion, Viajero, to the Wyoming Equine Extravaganza where I’ll be able to market my business. Gulp, that’s a big one for an introvert gal like me! And finally, I’ve been working on and planning for a womens group. This has been especially hard for me because honestly, I don’t like being around most women. And yet, here I am part of a blog consisting of all women bloggers, posting to a site entitled Women Move it Forward, a graduate from a program that is made up of mostly women! OK, Universe, message received loud and clear!

Let me go back to my statement that I don’t like being around most women. It’s true. It’s authentic . “Most” women are not authentic. They are selfish, conceited, self serving, competitive, gossipy, back stabbing, moody, judgemental and untrustworthy. Society is partially to blame for this. I believe that as women entered the professional workforce and began competing against men for jobs they stopped embracing the uniqueness that made them women. Being emotional was a weakness – You’re being hormonal. Being vulnerable was a weakness – You’ll become a target. Being nurturing was a weakness – You aren’t strong enough.

Get the point? I’m sure there are a number of other reasons why this shift has happened. The overall result is a shift away from everything that women are authentically. We are suffering. Society is suffering.

Women’s circles and gatherings are an ancient tradition. There are many places in the world that this still happens. Those cultures and tribes are stronger because of them. As I continue to tap into my own past and ancestory, I am drawn to that ancient feminine wisdom. It guides me. It drives me to seek out other like-minded women. It demands that I take on the leader role, like the alpha mare, and create that space where none exists. A safe space to embrace our “weaknesses” and be emotional ,vulnerable, and nurturing. A space where women share stories, to listen and to be heard. A space where women tap into sacred feminine wisdom and remember where they came from. A space to share laughter and tears without judgement. Together we are stronger and we will heal the broken bonds.

Cooking soon at Stonegait Manor, brought to you by Through the Horse…