I stood in the pet food aisle of the grocery store searching through the varieties of canned cat food picking out the ones my finicky cat Lula will eat. Out of no where a woman came up to me and touched me gently. She hesitated for a moment, and then she said, “May I ask you a question?”

I nodded yes, expecting a question regarding pet food since it surrounded me on both sides of the aisle. This lady was in her 60’s, as am I. Maybe she needed help lifting or reaching something. She fidgeted uncomfortably. Then she said she just didn’t know what to do, and began carefully to explain her circumstances. A strange sensation passed through me and I snapped completely into full presence with her. I had a bit of a problem tracking what she was saying at first. She was distraught. She was trying to make a decision and seemed to just to want to talk about it. She had a slight accent that I could not quite recognize.

I listened as she told me how she had broken her leg in several places 8 months ago. She felt that poor medical treatment had left her with months of suffering and permanent damage. She was full of anxiety and wanted to file a law suit. After fracturing her leg she developed a series of blood clots that went untreated by Doctors. Surgery was delayed for two weeks, and led to permanent damage. If a clot had traveled she could have died. I briefly glanced downward and noted her swollen leg- twice the size of her other leg.

Oddly enough, from my own life experience I was able to ask questions and sort through her concerns and actually give her neutral information to think about and how things might go for her. The process, time involved, emotions etc. I encouraged her to be at peace and I wished her healing. (I made the decision last fall NOT to file a malpractice lawsuit, but to focus on my healing instead). I did not encourage this lady in any manner pro or against.

She never took her eyes from mine. Tears began to run down her cheeks and she smiled brightly. She exclaimed that she had just come from church, hugged me, kissed my cheeks and called me “her angel.” She had prayed for an angel for guidance and proclaimed God had sent her one. She just kept calling me her angel. I really did not know how to respond to that. She came to understand that I really did know how she felt as I briefly shared some of what I had gone through. That made her cry even more. Repeatedly she said that God had sent me as her angel, to comfort her. This beautiful woman was no malingerer, and was obviously a person of faith. During this intimate exchange, time, space and location were dissolved and transcended. We did not even introduce ourselves. She gazed at me as if I were an angelic vision. The conversation ended when the Attorney she was going to meet with to discuss her case called her on her cell phone. Back down to earth we both came.

Was this a meeting of coincidence or chance or of Divine design? One never knows when you or someone else may become the angel in the moment.