Spring Equinox – Revised!

fullsizeoutput_1f8dThe news recently reported that more accurate scientific research proved the spring equinox began at 5:58 pm EDT March 20 in my hemisphere. As a retired engineer I applaud this precise analysis and new findings. Science’s role of constant reexamining “known” facts or assumptions will continue to do so forever. Others I spoke with were upset. They said that all their life they had celebrated March 21 as the beginning of spring and didn’t want to know anything differently.

It seems our love of information or “data” for data’s sake has created a frightened and frustrated culture. It’s easy to forget that we as a society have a unquenchable thirst to know the unknown. But for many the constant onslaught of new facts causes undoes stress, anxiety and fear. We hear of this self-imposed frustration so often that certain idioms have become commonplace. Phrases such, as “I couldn’t sleep when I heard that or I’m so upset by what I you said I can’t think straight or I’m so angry I want to punch someone.” are common. But why I ask do we buy into this drama? We have the power to accept or dismiss the information that encircles our world.

When I’m confronted with new information and discover one of my preconceived “beliefs” no longer valid, I wait, stay present and try not to immediately react. I respond to the latest news as “very interesting”. I choose to not allow that uncomfortable feeling to escalate into stress, anxiety or hand wringing.

Information is just information, no more and no less. What I do with new knowledge is my decision. I try not to run my life based on split second data bots or the latest trends. I try not be distracted and be a  more balanced and leisurely kind of gal. I turn to nature, outdoor surroundings or the horses when I start to feel my head taking over my heart. If I find I’m overwhelmed by all the “news, real or fake” I turn off the radio, phone and TV. I sit quietly and search for that inner voice of calm and reassurance. I go for a walk or play with the dog. I string beads. I listen to birds, wind or water knowing their melodies sooth and refresh my soul.

As to the revised spring equinox, please don’t take this new information too personal. It’s not meant to offend, but after hearing others comments, many questions filled my head.

  • Wow, should my world be rocked or not? No
  • How do I take on this new information? Very interesting.
  • Should I be sad or embarrassed that what I knew as a child and was taught in grade school some 60 years ago no longer applies? No
  • Does this imply that I myself am old and outdated? No
  • This is cool but do I need to correct my calendar? Maybe
  • Does it really matter that spring no longer officially comes on the 21stof March? No
  • Is Mother Nature affected by this announcement? No

No matter what our clocks or calendars indicate the moment when the amount of night and day is equal is just that, a moment.  When the daylight lengthens the grass will grow faster, the trees will bud, the flocks and bluebonnets will bloom, the roses will release their first scent of spring, the horses will finish shedding and it will be time to plant.  Mother nature will prevail, with or without our clocks telling us otherwise. Our senses inform us the season of growth and renewal is here. We might even discover that we don’t need a clock or computer to tune into the daily and monthly cycles of the earth and start to enjoy life a bit more. Now let’s apply a fresh approach to all the other distractions and enjoy life again.



Barbarais a certified practitioner of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, a retired Professional Engineer, Qi Gong Instructor and owner of Wayfinding With Horses. She is passionate about horses and their wellbeing as well as her clients. Clients have reported a heightened sense of awareness, a more profound understanding of their relationships and a deeper understanding of their own personal journey.  She and her horses, dogs and cat live at Wayfinding Farm, located near Ocala Florida.


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