Our lives are full of transitions and ever-changing.  People move in and out of our lives.  Jobs change and shift.  Our health changes.  Here in Wyoming our weather changes ubruptly within hours and minutes.

Some changes are minor and we move through them quickly with barely a ripple.  We may not even take note of them.  Others are momentous, ugly, devastating. Others are momentous and joyous.

Some people handle change with ease,  others do not.  Whether it’s their temperament, their astrological sign or the baggage they carry,  the “why” isn’t important.  A self awareness surrounding how change affects you is what is truly important. It’s important for you to share that awareness with others as well.

Recently,  my husband and I were having a lovely lunch and he mentioned that he was actually looking forward to riding and doing horse stuff with me.  That statement was quickly followed by an awareness and statement that he was “devolving”. I wasn’t even sure that was word. It is, I looked it up, however, he didn’t really use it correctly.  I got his meaning regardless. We had a good laugh about it and a wonderful discussion ensued. I argued that he wasn’t “devolving”  but rather “evolving “. He was moving away from barbaric,  cave man grunting activities such as MMA and grappling towards much more refined equestrian activities. This discussion was quite animated as we bantered back and forth.  I’m sure the other patron enjoyed our interaction.

But truly our relationship is evolving.  All of our children are married and out of the house. We are shifting roles,  finding balance and sometimes just trying to figure it out one moment at a time. Communication has been key.  Laughter is necessary and healing.

Some folks might think devolution is a negative thing but in this case I welcome my hubby’s devolution.  I look forward to riding off into the sunset with my ever “devolving” husband!

Happy Trails!