This blog is in flux, and may not survive. I am sad about that, but not sad enough to take the step forward to keep it going. This situation gives me pause, and leads me to think about the choices I make and priorities I set.

This is the only blog where I have been reasonably consistent in posting. I have a few websites with blogs attached and have not made a posting on them for months. This blog has become a place for me to express my thoughts without the rigor of a weekly post. I have enjoyed participating.

I am moving into a different phase of my life and stepping into the public speaking realm in a bigger way. I am running for election for a senior post with Toastmasters that carries responsibilities that will be time consuming. Within Toastmasters, I have willingly stepped up to more time commitment.

This blog is not currently time consuming as we post only every other month. However, I have come to admit that I am not willing to give it much more than that. I will miss the interaction with the wonderful women that are my co-contributors. I am worried that with this link gone, our paths will no longer cross and I will lose a link to my past.

It is up to me to make the effort to stay in contact with those women that have supported me. As I experience life and become ever more self-aware, I think about the choices I make, and say “no” more often. Saying “no” to an experience does not need to mean that I am saying “no” to the relationships fostered by that experience.

I wish all readers and contributors to this blog many blessings, continued healing and support.